Christopher Gui is a multimedia and self-taught artist. Director, dancer and choreographer of his own company of dance - Divino Drama Danca, created in 1993. In his constant search for new challenges GUI, now, is also an Authorial Jeweler

At the moment, jewelry shop is an extensive arm of the art that I have been developing during all my life. It allows me to live, in my solitary form, each moment contained in the act to creation, from the inspiration until the appreciation of the created workmanship -says the artist.

After all, jewels and dance, according to GUI, have everything to do with each other. Both involve plasticity and beauty - well defined lines that contain life and movement. And, where does the inspiration come from? It comes from the coordinated chaos of nature - translated by the winding cutting of mountains, the colors of forests and the mood of seas, yet placid, yet rebellious.

The technique of confectioning the parts is also elementary: GUI uses the same archaic technique of metal transformation that old cultures, like the Etruscans and the Egyptians, used. Amongst raw materials, there are titanium and copper, passing by the absolute nicety of gold and silver as well as exotic gems from Brazil, Asia and Africa.

The essence of this work can be felt with the skin touch with exclusive pieces that express all the shapes of your desire.