Authorial Jeweler

The term author of jewelry, in spite of being born in the 1950s, brings up some controversy to its understanding nowadays.

In my professional experience, I feel the authorial jewelry as a derivation from the plastic arts, with the differential use of noble metals and stones as the basis for creation, and where the artist is responsible for each step of its preparation.

In my own Studio I create in artisanal way from the searching of techniques and materials, in line with the theme that I address in each collection.

I follow the same path that I drew as choreographer: uttering my vision and sensitivity, following my feeling, facts and time, fetching loyalty and recognition in the theme result which is the source of all inspiration.

I work on pieces which are totally unique, where only the concept is maintained, but never duplicated. I follow primitive rites, from the metal preparation until the completion of each piece. I use to melting, forging and interfering in the metal structure, always fetching its purest form to use in the jewel, getting to work with the silver 1000 karat and gold 999 karat which are metals, let's say, "in natura".

When I create, I bring within mind and soul the cultural knowledge, innovations and creations from artists throughout the world. Therefore, for the accomplishment of each work my talent searches for new ways of expressing and I keep my focus on the goal to be created, as it's made while painting a blank screen, or a carving block of marble, not allowing thus, that only the fashion trend dictates the piece to be made.

The authorial jewel must remain an ageless jewel, and travel through centuries without becoming neglected. After all, it is a masterpiece and not a simple adornment; it needs to have life within, its own personality and brightness.